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Jul 20, 2022

Who Needs A Sports Medicine Specialist

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

Sports Medicine Specialist

If an athlete is injured, a sports medicine specialist is trained to help them regain mobility and function to return to their sport in peak condition. Those who engage in regular physical activity might also benefit from their advice on nutrition and supplementation, especially those aiming to shed weight or gain muscle.

The primary goal of a sports medicine specialist is to help athletes recover from various health issues to return to their peak physical condition.

Sports medicine practitioners typically hold certifications in family medicine, internal medicine, and other areas of medicine and special training in the subject.

What Does It Mean To Be A Sports Medicine Expert?

Sports medicine experts specialize in the treatment of physical activity-related injuries. Patients of many walks of life are treated there as well as athletics. Adults who have been hurt while running, riding, or participating in intramural activities may be treated by these professionals.

Sports can be played at any level.

Most players regularly consult their sports medicine doctor for injury prevention because of the significant danger of injury in any sport, especially contact sports. In addition, consultations with sports medicine doctors are common for new athletes and those already active. One of the most common issues in sports is a lack of understanding of the rules. For example, the lack of competent sports medical supervision could lead to a runner developing ankle difficulties.

A healthy, active way of life:

Some people who lead an active lifestyle and regularly go to the gym also seek advice from a sports medicine doctor on what workouts are appropriate for their particular situation. While exercising, you are putting stress on your muscles, which might cause problems with your joints and muscles. It is the job of a sports medicine specialist to educate people about their exercise habits to avoid injury.

The gym isn't bringing you the results you want:

People who attend the gym have specific goals, such as gaining more strength in their upper body. If the goal isn't achieved, a trip to the sports medicine doctor is in order. To find out what is preventing you from accomplishing your goals, do this.

A sports medicine doctor can examine if you want to know what foods to consume or workouts to do. If you're going to lose weight or gain muscle, you should see a professional get the best results. In addition to helping you stay focused on your goals, a sports medicine specialist can help you stay disciplined and motivated.

You've Previously Been Injured in a Sport:

A single football game might leave an ankle sore even if you haven't played since high school. A sports medicine doctor can help if this sounds like you. They are prepared and qualified to deal with any nagging concerns regarding long-term ailments.

Sports medicine necessitates in-depth familiarity with many injuries, particularly those resulting in long-term complications. For example, studies have shown that concussions can cause long-term damage to the brain. Sports medicine doctors have the training and experience to help with these adverse effects.

When should you consult a sports medicine doctor?

If your child suffers a severe injury while exercising or participating in sports, you should take them to the nearest emergency room. Severe pain, swelling, numbness, and an inability to bear weight on the affected area are symptoms of a significant injury. Have your child relax at home and call your child's healthcare practitioner if none of these symptoms are evident. A sports medicine specialist may be able to provide you with a recommendation.

Surgeons rarely need to operate on Ortho Sports injuries. Taking painkillers, applying ice to the damaged area, and immobilizing it with a cast or sling are all options for treating a sports injury. However, surgery may be required to repair ripped tissue or realign broken bones in some circumstances.

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