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Jul 20, 2022

What will happen if you ignore ACL partial tear?

There are plenty of queries regarding having an ACL partial tear, as one is able to do their daily activities, but when it comes to running or playing sports patients don�t feel confident about it, as there is some pain in the knees throughout (Specially while climbing stairs). There is a question, that why does one get this pain?

If you end up ignoring your partial ACL tear or ACL tear, then it can cost you heavily post 2 or 3 years. This particle ACL tear converts into complete ACL tear. This leads to damage in cartilage. Once the ACL gets torn completely, then surgery is the only option. If the MRI shows partial ACL tear, then then it is better to get treated, without any surgery PRP Therapy which is made from the own blood, and PRP is injected to ACL, then it heals the ACL faster and completely. Within 2-3 months, patient can get back to sports, as the ACL will be as strong as it was before. In the future as well, you will never require any surgery even in future.

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