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Jul 20, 2022

Volleyball Injury Prevention Exercises

Posted by Dr Manu Bora in Sports Injury Prevention Exercises

Whether you�re landlocked or beachside, along with the spring and summer season�s come volleyball. To your game we�ve developed a sport-specific workout for increasing your strength, spiking power, and vertical jump. Will Huntington etc

Volleyball is an extremely aggressive game and injuries while playing volleyball are very common. This is so because it requires high jumps and high-intensity shots by the hand putting a great deal of effort on the shoulders. This puts a high risk of injury to the players shoulders, ankles and knees. Many exercises can be performed at ease that will help you lessen the chances of these injuries.

The exercises recommended by Dr. Manu Bora are:

  • 1. Prone leg crosses
  • 2. Supine leg crosses
  • 3. Hip flexor stretch
  • 4. Leg curl with the help of an exercise ball
  • 5. Knee plank body rotations
  • 6. Side planks
  • 7. Push-ups
  • 8. Shoulder external rotation with a ball
  • 9. Sleeper stretch
  • 10. Why exercise with the help of a Thera belt
  • 11. Squats
  • 12. multi-directional jumps

All these exercises will greatly reduce the chance of your sports injuries. But if you have ever encountered such an injury or if you encounter an injury in the future, you can contact Dr Manu Bora.

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