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Jul 20, 2022

Torn Ligament Surgery

How do you treat a torn ligament in your knee

Knee ligament tear is very common in sportspersons as well as the normal population. This is because sometimes while walking or jumping we land in such a position that puts our entire body weight on a knee and that results in the ligament tear or a ligament fracture. The symptoms of a ligament tear I such that there is excruciating pain in the initial days after the injury and your knee may be swollen. But once your body starts the recovery process, the swelling and pain are reduced to a certain extent but there may be instability while walking or doing other tasks. The knee may feel locked and the motion of the knee may be restricted. The best way to avoid a knee ligament tear is to practice some sport-specific exercises to train your body to land in the correct position. There are two types of exercises that Dr Manu Bora suggests- one is strength training which strengthens the muscles around your knee and second is coordination training which helps you to land perfectly on your foot as a sportsperson. The exercises are not very complicated but if performed correctly under an expert they help you to derive a lot of benefits.

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