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Jul 20, 2022

The Top 10 Orthopaedic Injuries That Are Very Common

Since we put our bodies through so much, most of us will develop a musculoskeletal injury at some point during our lives. There are numerous ways to be injured, ranging from accidents to sports to simply working.

Some orthopaedic injuries are far more prevalent than others. Let's take a look at the top ten injuries that patients report to orthopaedic doctors:

Most Common Orthopaedic Injuries:

1- Fracture of the wrist:

In sports, wrist fractures are rather common. It's impossible to avoid injuring your wrists while participating in sports. A wrist fracture can be caused by a fall, a violent strike, a hit, and so on. The majority of the time, all you'd have to deal with is a cast. However, if you shatter one of the smaller wrist bones, surgery may be required.

2- Shoulder Dislocation:

Shoulder dislocation is a rare occurrence. It's a fairly uncommon problem. The good news is that it can be swiftly remedied. The bad news is that once you've had a shoulder dislocated, the chances of it happening again are much higher.

3- Fractures due to stress:

Stress fractures can be particularly difficult to diagnose because they do not cause as much pain as "conventional" fractures. As a result, it's very uncommon for these injuries to go untreated for prolonged periods. As the term implies, the most common cause of a break is too much stress on an affected area. A good night's sleep is usually plenty. However, surgery may be required if the damage is not addressed promptly.

4- Sprains of the ankle and foot:

Sprains of the ankle and foot are among the most frequent orthopaedic ailments. Because a sprain is not as dangerous as a fracture, it usually takes time for the pain to subside with rest and ice compression. More therapy might be required if the ligaments and tendons were also affected.

5- Tennis Elbow:

Tennis elbow is a problem that affects more than just tennis players. The elbow tendons are damaged due to severe and repetitive muscle activity. The majority of the time, rest is all that is required to alleviate the discomfort.

6- Tear in the ACL:

The primary knee ligament (ACL) is torn when the ACL is torn. It frequently occurs as a result of a short knee rotation. Pain and imbalance would ensue, which may be alleviated with rest and physical treatment. However, surgery may be the only option if the rip is too significant.

7- Plantar Fasciitis

The foot ligament that spans between the toes and heels is stressed in this orthopedic injury. Swelling and pain are common complaints that can be alleviated with adequate rest and more comfortable footwear.

8- Tear in the Rotator Cuff:

The rotator cuff in your shoulder might tear if you put too much strain on it. This will prevent you from making pain-inducing circular motions. The best solutions for this condition are usually rest and braces. Surgery may be required in the most difficult situations.

9- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Consistent and frequent movements of your arms and hands might cause inflamed ligaments and tendons in your hands and arms. The issue should improve quickly with physical therapy and braces, and some prescribed medications.

10- Tear in the Meniscus:

The Meniscus is the cartilage on the inside of the knee that allows for effortless and smooth leg movement. The Meniscus, on the other hand, can be ripped if you move your leg awkwardly and rapidly. Unless the degree of the tear necessitates surgery, the best course of treatment is to rest and go to physical therapy.

Remember that if you injure your bones or muscles, the most important thing is to seek medical care as soon as possible. Just because you think you can handle the pain doesn't mean you should, at least not if you want to recover.

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