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Jul 20, 2022

Tennis and Golfers Elbow Exercises by Dr Manu Bora

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

Tennis and Golfers Elbow Exercises

Dr. Manu Bora, an orthopedic surgeon, and a sports injury specialist has been helping a lot of people alleviate their pains by showcasing simple exercises on his website and YouTube channel- ortho sports.

Tennis elbow is a common condition that causes acute pain in the elbow due to repetitive motion of the wrists and arms. Not only athletes, but anyone can develop this condition

Dr. Manu Bora has suggested a few simple exercises to overcome this condition. These exercises are classified into 3 categories:


  • Extend your arm forward with your palm facing the front and fingers facing up
  • With the other hand, pull back the finger of the extended arm
  • Then turn the fingers downside keeping the palm facing front
  • Repeat the pulling back action of the fingers from the other hand

Forearm strengthening exercises

  • Rest your right arm on your left thigh with your palm facing up
  • Hold some light weights in your right hand and hold your right hand with the left hand to give it support
  • With the help of your wrists, move the weights up and down without moving the arm
  • Then face your palm downward and repeat the motion
  • Repeat the entire set on the other side

Forearm Rotations Exercise

  • Sit in a comfortable position with one of your arms resting on the thigh of the same side and the other hand supporting the arm
  • Hold a long in the resting arm
  • Gently rotate the rod on both sides as far as you can go without lifting your hand
  • Repeat with the other hand

Doing these exercises as advised by Dr. Manu Bora will alleviate your pain due to the tennis elbow and will ultimately result in the condition improving. The exercises are easy, without the requirement of any special equipment, and can be learned by watching the videos of Dr. Manu Bora

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