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Jul 20, 2022

Shoulder and Knee Pain

Are you experiencing knee or shoulder pain, instability, clicking sound, cracking sound or dislocation? There could be many reasons behind these symptoms and it is important to diagnose these symptoms at the right time. If not treated timely, these symptoms can turn into serious issues, and in future patients might have to get surgeries done. Sometimes, even post-surgery, the patient might get the desired relief.

Best Treatment Available:

In case of knee pain it could be due to knee cartilage damage. If you feel your knee is disable and not supporting you during your everyday activities, then the reason behind it could be due to ligament injury.

In case of shoulder pain, then the patient might be suffering through damaged shoulder cartilage or there is a tear or rotation of muscles in the muscle. In case if you have a stiff shoulder, then you might have frozen shoulder, in which the shoulder capsule becomes really tight. If you are unable to lift your hand, then it could be a complete tear of shoulder.


Dr. Manu Bora does a thorough physical examination of knee shoulder through X-Ray or MRI to understand the condition of the patient. If patients end up coming early in stage, then it becomes easy for them to treat them completely without surgery


The best treatment in case of knee or shoulder pain is PRP (Platelet rich plasma), where the patient�s own blood is used for making PRP. Small sample is taken from the blood and platelets are taken out. This platelet is injected into the damaged area.

Dr. Manu makes a very accurate for patients who end up coming to him at an early stage. Don�t procrastinate in case of such serious issues, rather make sure to take immediate actions.

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