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Jul 20, 2022

Running and Marathon Exercises

These days a lot of people are taking to running marathons. While some people do it only for the sake of fun and thrill, there are quite a number of people who also indulge in marathon professionally.

During running or while participating in a marathon, if the person gets injured, the career and the entertainment stops all at once! Whenever we are running or training for a marathon, we put ourselves at a high risk of injury if you are not careful enough. While running a marathon one may often encounter injuries related to heels, ankles, twisting of the knee ligament, back ache, etc.

Dr Manu Bora has created in entire list of exercises that you must perform before training for a marathon and even while training for the marathon in order to boost muscle coordination and mitigate the chances of injury.

Single leg jumps

  • The purpose of this exercise is to improve landing control
  • Keep knees aligned with toes
  • Progression: Unexpected push from partner in different' directions
  • Increase gradually to 180-degree rotation
  • use elastic bands to increase difficulty

Side plank

  • The purpose of the exercise is to improve hip and trunk strength
  • Support yourself on your elbows on the side
  • Your body should be in a straight line.
  • Keep your back in a neutral position

Reverse plank with ankle movement

  • The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the back, gluteal and hamstrings muscle
  • Star with your elbow under your shoulders
  • Lift your hips until your body is aligned from shoulder to ankle
  • Move your ankle up and down

Walking Lunge with high knee lift

  • The purpose of this exercise is to improve hip and knee control and hip flexibility
  • Start by holding one knee in to your chest
  • Step forward in a lunge
  • Continue forwards, maintaining good hip and knee alignment

Single leg balance with elastic

  • The purpose of this exercise is to improve hip, knee and ankle control
  • Stand on one leg with an elastic around the opposite ankle
  • Simulate a running movement with your free leg and arms
  • Maintain perfect hip, knee and ankle alignment

Leg curls

  • The purpose of this exercise is to improve control of the hips, pelvis, and lower back
  • Lift up your pelvis and extend your hips
  • Slowly roll the ball towards you by blending your knees
  • Roll the ball backwards until your knees are extended
  • Keep your lower back and pelvis stable throughout the movement


  • The purpose of the exercise is to develop a good squat technique
  • Keep your feet width apart
  • Start the movement from the hip
  • Keep your knees aligned with toes
  • Sit down as it you are sitting on a chair
  • Keep your back straight

Jumping lunges

  • This exercise helps you to improve hip and knee control
  • Start in the position of a lunges with knee bent to an angle of 90�
  • Jump directly to the same position on the other side
  • Make sure to learn softly on your toes in line with your knees

Diagonal rotations

  • The purpose of this exercise is to improve hip and spine control
  • Perform a single-leg squat and rotate towards the standing leg
  • Rotate fully in the opposite direction as you stand up- lifting the broomstick overhead
  • Take your knees out to the side
  • Lean backwards in final position

The diver

  • The purpose of this exercise is to improve trunk control and hamstrings strength
  • Balance on one leg, with your knees slightly bent.
  • Tilt your upper body forwards from the hip
  • Keep your body and opposite leg in a straight line
  • Raise your arms overhead
  • Progression: Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell

Bulgarian split squats

  • The purpose of this exercise is to stand in the thigh and gluteal muscles and improve hip and knee control
  • Perform a single leg squat with your back foot resting on a box
  • Place most of your weight through the front foot
  • Keep your back straight
  • Keep your knees aligned over your toes

Single leg hip thrust

  • The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the gluteal muscles
  • Lie in a bridge with your shoulder on a bench
  • Bend your knees to 90 Degree and take your weight through your heel
  • Lift your pelvis upward
  • Simulate a running movement by striding with the opposite leg

Nordic hamstrings

  • The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the hamstrings muscle
  • Kneel on a soft mat
  • Slowly fall forward, keeping your upper body and hips straight
  • Control the falling motion using your hamstrings
  • Use your arms to push yourself back to the start position

All these exercises by Dr Manu Bora will not only mitigate the chances of injury but will also boost your performance while running.

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