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Nov 10, 2022

Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon Before Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

Shoulder pain can make it hard to do the things you need daily. Shoulder arthroscopy surgery can help relieve pain and restore function, but the decision to have the surgery needs to be carefully thought out. Here are the answers to the questions you need to ask your shoulder surgeon before going through with the surgery.

Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgery that checks the health of a joint that is giving you trouble. An arthroscope is an endoscopic tool with a camera and lights on the end user for this procedure. Inside the joint, the arthroscope shows your surgeon a picture of the joint on the screen. These pictures can be used to find out what's wrong and even help with problems like torn rotator cuffs, dislocations, or inflamed joints.

Is arthroscopy an excellent alternative to open-joint surgery for the shoulder? Not only is arthroscopy less painful than open surgery, but it is also easier to get to. Many people heal faster and have fewer problems after laparoscopic surgery than open surgery.

What does arthroscopy mean?

Arthroscopic surgery is a way for orthopaedic surgeons to find out what's wrong with a joint and fix it. Here, a fibre optic camera looks inside the joint, and repairs are made with tiny surgical tools. The doctor makes 3 or 4 minor cuts around the joint, each about 1/2 inch long

Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint is a big step forward in surgery. Shoulder arthroscopy is an outpatient surgery, so you don't have to stay in the hospital. Soon after surgery, you will go home. With this method, less healthy tissue has to be cut to make repairs so that the patient can get better faster than with open surgery.

How is an arthroscopy of the shoulder done?

  • The arthroscope equipment is put in your shoulder through a small cut. The area is connected to a small camera that lets your surgeon see the tissue on your shoulder.
  • The doctor looks at all the parts of your shoulder joint. These tissues include cartilage, tendons, bone, and ligaments.
  • The surgeon fixes all the damaged tissue by making one to three smaller incisions and putting the necessary tools through them. The muscles, tendons, or hurt cartilage have been fixed.

How long will the surgery take?

Most operations take 45 minutes to an hour. Then you have to stay in the recovery room for an hour. After that, you go home. Please don't forget to find someone to drive you back home since you can't move on the day of the surgery.

How long should I stay in the hospital after having an arthroscopy on my shoulder?

When deciding how long you should stay in the hospital, your doctor will think about several things. Before your doctor can send you home, you have to meet several conditions. You should be able to:

  • Walk on your own.
  • Get out of bed on your own.
  • Eat and drink without getting sick.
  • Usually, urinate.
  • Walk on your own.

Patients can usually go home after reaching the goals above.

How does Procedure arthroscopy feel?

If given general anaesthesia, you will sleep through your surgery and not feel anything. Those who choose regional anaesthesia will feel no sensation in their limbs for a few hours. The procedure itself does not cause any discomfort.

Expect to feel some mild pain after your arthroscopy. Your orthopaedic doctor will give you painkillers and tell you to put ice on your joints to help relieve pain and swelling. When the joints are healing, keep the bandages clean and dry.

How long does it take to get better after arthroscopy of the shoulder?

Getting better depends on what kind of surgery was done. Rehabilitation after surgery is crucial if you want to get the best results. Knowing that physical therapy is an integral part of getting better is essential. Physical therapy is done in stages, from moving around gently to getting more robust through the range of motion. Four to six weeks is the typical time frame involved.

How bad will my shoulder hurt after arthroscopic surgery?

Individuals perceive pain differently. It can make the pain worse. You will be given painkillers and told to put ice on your shoulder to help keep the swelling down after surgery. During physiotherapy, you will be asked to move your shoulder joints so that your whole arm can move again. It is essential to take pain medication 45 minutes before beginning physical therapy. You need to cut back on the number of painkillers you take every so often.

Should I get a sling or brace?

It's all relative to the specifics of the operation. After surgery to fix a rotator cuff, SLAP tear, or dislocation, you have to wear a sling for two weeks. For comfort after subacromial decompression surgery, a Sling can be worn. They are taken off when the pain goes away. Most of the time, the sling is there to make things easier for you, but there are times when you have to use it. It needs to be written down in the directions you get when you leave the hospital.

If you know the answers to these questions, you'll be able to make the best choice for yourself. Make sure you know your surgeon, the procedure, and how you will improve.

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