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Jul 20, 2022


Posted by Dr Manu Bora

Leg workouts are very essential for your fitness in general and the good condition of your legs in the future in particular. Dr. Manu Bora outlines the perfect leg work out for you to practice at home. This workout is referred to by him as perfect because it constitutes the exercises of all major muscles covered only by 6 exercises.

These exercises will be both in the centric and the eccentric mode and will also provide balance training. Dr. Manu Bora has made a schedule for the exercises.

Balance training enables you to develop neuromuscular coordination and it makes your joints that is the hip joint, the knee joint, and the ankle joint to work together as a unit. This increases your sports performance and enhances your general activity and lessens the chance for injuries.

The six exercises in the schedule are:

  1. Lunges

For lungees, you need to do both backward and forward lunges. Keep in mind that your knees must not go beyond your toes when you are bending and that your back must be absolutely straight. If you are having any doubts, you can see doctor Manu Bora's video on YouTube where he explains the accurate procedure of doing the lunge.

  1. Jump squats

Jump squats are a really good exercise for strengthening your legs. In this exercise, you remain in the squat position and then directly go for a jump as high as you can and then land back in a squat. Again it is essential to keep in mind that you need to take your hips downward rather than taking your knees forward.

  1. Single hip thrusts

For this exercise, you need to take the support of a sofa or a bed. Keep your back against the support, keep one foot flat on the ground and the other one straight perpendicular to your body. Then raise your body while squeezing the glutes. This is going to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings muscle.

  1. Bulgarian jump squats

This is an eccentric exercise that strengthens your core and develops balance in your body. For this, you keep one leg up on support behind you. With the other leg, you slowly go down in a squat and then jump.

  1. Goblet Adductor lunge

To do this exercise you need a slippery surface which can be achieved by you wearing socks on a tiled surface. In this case, you need to do side lunges but instead of lifting your leg and putting it away, you are going to slide it away from your body while you perform the lunge from the other leg.

  1. Cross lunges

Cross lunges are like backward lunges but in this case, you need to cross your legs while going down. So instead of taking your leg straight back and going down for a lunge, you cross it behind the leg at rest.

Dr. Manu Bora suggests that you must go according to your stamina but then you must make it a point to exhaust yourself because that is what strengthens the muscle.

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