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Jul 20, 2022

Non operative choice of ACL TEAR

Non operative choice of ACL TEAR , DR MANU BORA

A lot of people ask questions from Dr Manu Bora whether ACL tear can be cured without an operation or not? The simple answer to this is yes it can be cured without an operation. The technique is known as PRP that is platelet rich plasma injection. In this technique 10 to 15 ml of blood is extracted from the patient's body itself and is put in such a machine which separates the platelet rich plasma from the other blood components. This platelet rich plasma is rich in such factors which promote healing in a patient's body. This straw-coloured liquid PRP is injected at the site of your ACL tear. It is important to keep in mind that you get a PRP injection from an expert orthopaedic surgeon so that it is injected at the right spot without damaging the nearby tissues. About 3 doses of this PRP injection are given to the patient at an interval of about one week each between two doses. Along with this if the patient does the regular exercises as suggested by the doctor, the enjoyed ligament can be healed without the need of any operation.

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