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Jul 20, 2022

Sports injury

Whenever we are involved in any kind of a sports activity, be it football, wrestling, Kabaddi, or anything- It is seen that the injury of the knee ligament is quite common. The reason behind this ligament getting injured is that when we jump and land on our feet in the wrong way, the knee gets twisted and the knee ligament fiber gets either told or injured.

The most common kind of injury seen in the knee ligament is the ACL tear. What happens in this injury is that the injured sportsperson experiences an incredible amount of pain after the injury and within around 15 minutes to half an hour, the knee gets swollen.

Within 2 to 3 days, the swelling subsides or reduces and so does the pain.

But if you have faced an ACL ligament tear, you will face a lot of recurring symptoms like:

  • Having a wobbly knee
  • Not being confident while running or walking
  • A slippery feeling in the knee
  • Experiencing frequent twists

Apart from the ligament injury, if your knee meniscus is also injured, you may also experience frequent knee pains or even feel a certain lock-ness or stiffness in your knees.

If you are facing any such symptoms, it is essential to get diagnosed. For expert advice, you must go to an orthopedic surgeon who is also a sports injury specialist. The doctor may suggest an MRI of the knee.

The MRI shows a clear picture of what kind of injury you may have in your knee- what grade it is and which ligament is affected

It is often asked- how do we judge if the injury is big enough to visit a doctor or not?

Dr. Manu Bora is here to answer it-

Dr. Manu Bora has already spoken about what is different kinds of symptoms that you may encounter if you have a ligament injury. The purpose of a ligament is to hold the two bones in your knee together. If the ligament breaks, there is a micro-movement created in the knee which can be felt while walking, running, climbing stairs, or jogging. This micro movement is not only uncomfortable but also causes further harm to the knee in just a few years. This micro movement erodes the knee cartilage and then the last resort to save the knee is only a knee replacement surgery.

To save from all this hassle, it is crucial to diagnose and treat knee injuries.

Another very common question that is often asked is- what precautions can we take to avoid this kind of injury.

Dr. Manu Bora says that the best way to avoid injuries is to perform exercises on a regular basis. There are exercises that are specific to every different sport and if you perform those exercises, you get trained to jump and land in the correct posture which ensures good muscle coordination and mitigates the chances of injury.

But if you do get a ligament tear, and are experiencing the symptoms explained by doctor Manu Bora, you can easily get a telescopic surgery done which is minimally invasive with minimum pain associated and the healing time is also very less.

Just one day after the surgery, you are able to walk in a pain-free gait.

The latest technique in this kind of surgery is the all-inside ACL reconstruction with fiber tape internal bracing. This is such an advanced technique that the injured sportsperson can get back into his game within 3 months of his operation.

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