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Jul 20, 2022

Knee / shoulder : pain , locking, instability, clicking reason, how to diagnose & BEST treatment

Do you have extreme pain in your shoulders or knees that hamper your daily activities like lifting things, walking, climbing stairs, or even moving your knees and shoulders? Do you feel a locking sensation in your joints when you are trying to move them, or is there instability in your joints that makes you feel imbalanced when you walk? Do you hear a clicking sound every time you bend your joints? All these signs might be due to some underlying conditions that may cause more severe problems if left unnoticed and may land you in surgery.
If you are facing any of these issues, Dr. Manu Bora has the perfect solution for you! Dr. Manu Bora believes in delaying surgery as far as possible, and he tries to heal the patient with the help of non-surgical treatments. With the expert diagnosis by Dr. Manu Bora, you can be rest assured to get the proper treatment. Dr. Manu Bora is a sports injury specialist who has treated several patients with the help of PRP treatment, that is, platelet-rich plasma treatment. In this treatment, a little amount of blood from the patient's body is taken out, and platelet-rich plasma is separated. This PRP is then injected at the site of injury of the patient's body. The growth factors and the stem cells present in the PRP accelerate the healing process of the damaged tissue. This process has been proven to heal your tissue completely without the requirement of any surgery. You also need not be worried about any side effects as the plasma is extracted from your body and injected into your body only. The patients who have undergone the PRP treatment have claimed that PRP is virtually painless and is 100% effective.

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