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Nov 25, 2022

Knee Replacement Surgery: Myths Vs Facts

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

When people hear that total knee replacement surgery is the only way to get better, it often scares them. But the best surgery is to replace the diseased knee joint with an artificial knee that works well.

But people have a lot of wrong ideas about it, which makes it a lot scarier. Because of all the myths about total knee replacement surgery, patients don't choose it as a treatment option. So, to help you make a good choice, we bust the most common knee replacement myths and give you the facts instead. But before we start debunking the myths, let's quickly go over what a total knee replacement is.

What is knee replacement surgery?

In a surgical procedure known as total knee replacement, the damaged or diseased natural knee joint is surgically removed and replaced with an artificial one. During this procedure, metal implants are put into the body to replace the cartilage and bone that have been damaged. This helps restore joint movement.

Now that medicine has improved, hospitals are using robotic knee replacement, which uses hand-held robots to shape the bone.

Robotic knee replacement has several advantages over traditional knee replacement. As a result, total knee replacements are being done more successfully with Robotic knee replacement than with standard knee replacement.

So, if you want a total knee replacement, talk to your doctor about robotic knee replacement surgery.

Myth #1:I should put off having my knee replaced for as long as possible

The answer is wrong! People who have knee pain often try medicines instead of surgery. But drugs, especially painkillers, only treat the symptoms and only for a short while. Also, taking medication for a long time can cause serious side effects like kidney failure, ulcers, and other problems.

If the surgery is put off for no good reason, it can make the surgeon's job harder and raise the risk of problems related to the surgery.

Myth #2: Knee replacement surgery doesn't work very often

One of the most common treatments for damaged knees is knee replacement surgery. People with this procedure can go about their everyday lives without pain and in a shorter time. Knee replacement surgery works well for most people about 95% of the time.

Myth #3: After the surgery, I won't be able to bend my knees the right way

This is not true at all. After surgery, it will be easy for you to turn your knees. Knee replacement surgery does not affect how the joints move, so you can move your legs without any trouble.

Myth #4: Acupuncture, laser therapy, magnet therapy, and knee braces have all helped alleviate the extreme discomfort associated with my arthritis and knees.

There hasn't been a permanent non-surgical treatment for severe knee arthritis that has been shown to work by science until now. These treatments may help with early to moderate arthritis for a short time, but they are not a cure. These methods might put off surgery for a while, but they can't keep people from having surgery in severe cases.

Myth #5: If the knee replacement surgery doesn't work or something goes wrong after it, the implant can't be fixed

A second surgery can be done if the first surgery doesn't work. After looking into why the first surgery didn't work and considering your overall health, your doctor may do a second surgery, called a "revision surgery."

Myth #6: Children can't have knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery can be done on people who are not adults. If you need to, you can also get it when you are younger. When a knee replacement is required, it should be done right away. If the patient waits, it can be more challenging for the surgeon to do the surgery, whether the patient is a child or an adult.

Myth #7: If I take a foreign metal into my body, I'll have to deal with many bad things.

That is not the case. The artificial joints are made of a particular metal that works well with our bodies and stays in shape without giving us any problems.

Myth #8: I'm too old to get a knee replacement, so I shouldn't

People over 65 who are in good health can get knee replacement surgery anytime. Knee replacement surgery allows patients of any age to enjoy a pain-free and easy lifestyle.

Myth #9: A knee replacement only lasts about ten years

This is, without a doubt, a myth. Things are different now. Knee replacements last a lifetime because the surgery is excellent and advanced techniques are used.

Patients and their families are often scared of surgery. But each person must decide for themselves what is best. Knowing that every surgery has benefits and risks, you shouldn't avoid it because of the risks. Also, don't believe anything you hear or read about the treatment. Instead, listen to what your surgeon says.

Now that most of the myths about total knee replacement surgery have been busted, you should see that getting the surgery is a good idea. It will help you do all your regular tasks without pain or trouble.

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