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Jul 20, 2022

KNEE PAIN Treatment. Dr. Manu Bora

Knee pain is a very common problem prevalent in almost all sections of society. Knee pain can occur at any age but it is more commonly found in people who have crossed the age of 40. First of all, it is important to know the cause behind knee pain in old age. In a knee joint, that is a question-like substance that experiences friction every time we bend our knees. This friction is reduced by the presence of synovial fluid in the joint. At which age the synovial fluid starts getting lesser and lesser which increases the friction and causes pain which is called osteoarthritis. When patients with such a condition go to doctors, they often advise a knee replacement surgery. So today you will know how you can avoid this knee replacement surgery and cure knee pain easily.

The first method to regenerate the lost synovial fluid and cartilage is to go for PRP injection. In PRP injection, we extract 10 to 15 ml of the patient's blood and after processing it for some regenerating growth factors, inject it back into the patient's body at the spot of the damage. This method proves to be extremely beneficial if you couple it with different exercises that are advised by the doctor.

A modification of this process is the involvement of stem cells in the PRP injection. The stem cells are extracted from the adipose tissues that are the fat tissue in your stomach. When these stem cells are mixed with the PRP before injecting them into your knee, the method becomes even more effective.

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