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Jul 20, 2022

Knee and Shoulder Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Dr Manu Bora, a sports injury specialist, has been treating his patience for me and shoulder pain without any kind of surgery. He does so with the help of a technique called PRP or platelet rich plasma.

In the PRP technique, a sample of the patients� blood is taken out from his own body. This small amount of blood is good in a centrifuge machine that helps the doctor to separate platelets, plasma, growth factors, and stem cells from your blood. Then all these are combined in the right proportion to make the platelet rich plasma. 

This PRP is then injected into the site of pain. Because of it been rich in the growth factors and rejuvenating elements of blood, the healing process is hastened. Since this technique is fairly new, Dr Manu Bora has a dressed a few questions that commonly arise in the minds of a patient who is about to opt for a platelet rich plasma treatment.

How does PRP work?

Because of the growth factors and the platelets, the healing process of the body is initiated. So basically, your body start selling on its own when the platelet rich plasma or the PRP solution is injected into the site of injury or pain.

In how many diseases or conditions can we use PRP?

There are a number of orthopaedic conditions in which PRP can be used to successfully treat the disease or injury. 

  • If you have a knee pain, a damage cartilage- no matter if you are young or you are having a cartilage damage due to Osteoarthritis- PRP is going to heal this condition of your body and make your life pain free.
  • If you have a ligament tear due to any sort of sports injury, with the help of PRP, your torn ligament can he on its own without the need for any surgery. This treatment is quick and effective and the best part is that it is pain free.
  • If you have some kind of tendonitis like shoulder pain or rotor cuff and tendonitis, that can also be cured with the help of the platelet rich plasma treatment.
  • The PRP injection can be used in hair fall as well.
  • These days PRP technique is also being used as a part of the Vampire Facial in which the platelet rich plasma from your own body is injected into your face to give it a youthful glow and heal the scars, wrinkles, freckles and rejuvenates the skin.

Dr Manu Bora has been performing the platelet which plasma treatment on a number of patients and they have always seen the best results.

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