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Jul 20, 2022

In Case of Contact Sports � How Can You Combat Shoulder Pain

Since today there is a lot of sports going on in the country, this is leading to sportsmen suffering from shoulder pain time and again. Even if you are not a professional sportsman, still you could suffer from acute shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is considered a severe problem in all sports, be it soccer, boxing or hockey. The Joint has flexible movement hence the chances of injury increases

Preventing shoulder injury is of utmost importance, and in this article, we will see that keep reading to know more.

The reason why shoulder pain happens

There are plenty of reasons which lead to shoulder pain, such as:

  • Stress on the joints due to lack of muscle strength can happen even if the force exerted is minimal. When the load on the shoulder is more than it can handle, the body takes help from arms, back and neck
  • The extra strain exerted on the shoulder can lead to poor body mechanics and cause injury to nearby muscles. Overuse of strength can also cause chronic pain. If the muscle experiences strain continuously without recovery and rest, the chances of the injury increase
  • Despite all this, the shoulder injury is too common; unlike other musculoskeletal systems, the ball and socket joint have a wide range of movement. If the joints have less support, there are more chances for injury

Prevention of Shoulder Pain:

If you are a sportsperson who plays sports or do any activity that requires the use of shoulder muscle daily, you must take preventive measures; it is of utmost importance to prevent injury. ideally, a sportsperson should start their preventative measure in the pre-season

A sportsperson needs to do strengthening exercises as a warm-up to prevent any injury. There should be no compromise to the quality of the training, and one should also put efforts into recovery and not just exercise.

If the muscle is stretched correctly, it provides a great range of motion and flexibility. as a sportsperson, one must maintain a proper body posture correctly as reported movement can cause wear and tear of muscles and body parts

As a cricketer, during several overhead muscles work simultaneously shoulder moves through several planes of motion, the chances of shoulder injury increases

Steps to be taken when shoulder pain occurs

Put some ice on the affected area for at least 15 min. Rest is also very important s it will help to recover faster. Compression and elevating methods are also suitable for recovery; once the pain and swelling are gone, one can do rehabilitating stretches. If one has a rotator cuff problem, they must take self-care measures and indulge in proper exercise

Important to See a Specialist

If the pain is severe and does not go away with self-care and exercise, one must go to a specialist doctor. The expert doctor is experts, and they can help by providing solutions and give recovery plans. Self-medication does not always work as every case is different, and hence the treatment differs. Muscles damaged are something which should be taken seriously if not treated it can lead to permanent damage .

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