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Jul 20, 2022

How to heal torn ACL ( anterior cruciate ligament ) with exercises by Dr Manu Bora ( ACL EXPERT )

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

The most common kind of injury faced by athletes is related to the fracture of the knee ligament.

Dr. Manu Bora, the ACL expert, explains how this ACL can be cured for athletes without the need for any surgery.

According to Dr. Manu Bora, the reason why this ligament gets injured is that sportspersons land on the foot in an incorrect manner. Now the main question is, can we cure this injury with the help of nothing but exercise? Dr. Manu Bora says yes.

Dr. Manu Bora says that if you have only swelling and strain in your ACL ligament, that can be cured with the help of exercises. But if there is a fracture or damage, then exercises may not work.

But a broken or torn ligament is rare and most athletes suffer from a strain in their ligament. With the help of the exercises advised by doctor Manu Bora, you can get back on the field with no surgery within no time.

If you do these exercises on a regular basis, your anterior cruciate ligament becomes stronger and the chances of injuries greatly get reduced. So these exercises do not only cure the strains, they even act as preventive measures to avoid injuries on the field.

By the means of these exercises, Dr. Manu Bora trains the athletes to land the foot in the correct position no matter in what situation they are in. If we make sure that our food is in alignment with the knee every time we run, jump, or skip- we can avoid exerting strain on our knee ligament and prevent injuries.

By the means of another kind of exercise, the athlete is trained to improve muscle coordination while taking part in intense sports. This also makes the muscles stronger and more resilient.

These exercises have been classified into various categories such as:

Strength training exercises encompass exercises like lunges, sumo squats, nordic hamstring strengthening exercises, etc.

Agility training exercises like Crisscross running, diagonal running, jumping, shifting, etc

Dr. Manu Bora has also explained some of the symptoms of a ligament injury. If there is a tear in the ligament, the knees of that person will be wobbly, the feet will get twisted very often and they will experience an extreme level of excruciating pain while doing any kind of stream is physical exercise. Dr. Manu Bora clarifies that in such cases, treating the injury by the means of exercise alone may not be feasible. Dr. Manu Bora suggests an MRI check the level of injury in a patient and then advises the treatment procedure to be undertaken. The entire team of physiotherapists working under Dr. Manu Bora is trained by him and they prepare customized exercise schedules for each of their patients.

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