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Jul 20, 2022

Management Principles of Hamstring Injury Rehabilitation

Sports-related hamstring injuries are prevalent. When the hamstring muscle fibres in the back of the thigh are stretched too far, a hamstring strain ensues. Torn muscle fibres can result from this. Treatment should begin as soon as the damage is diagnosed.

The severity of a hamstring tear dictates the course of treatment. Treatment for a torn hamstring relies heavily on rest.

As a general rule, you should only engage in activities that will not exacerbate a recent hamstring strain injury. Remain pain-free and allow your strained hamstring to heal. Your healing may be delayed if you don't rest enough. 

Treatments for hamstring injuries include the following:


Most hamstring injuries require rest as the first stage in their recovery. Swelling and inflammation can be reduced by resting. Crutches may be necessary to allow the muscle to rest enough.


Even if you start stretching right away, be careful not to overdo it or aggravate the pain. It's important to keep the stretching light and non-intense.

With just a few visits to a physical therapist, athletes may learn stretching basics. Stretching intensity can increase as healing proceeds, but it should never hurt.

Physical Therapy:

Athletes can benefit from the guidance of physical therapists�modalities including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic massage help many people. Therapeutic exercise should begin as soon as possible for most athletes. Many low-impact activities fall under this category, including cycling and swimming.

Ice the Pain:

Using ice on the damaged hamstring in the immediate aftermath of activity. Using ice on the damaged area can reduce swelling and inflammation while stimulating blood flow to the area. These forms of muscle strains can be relieved by ice, as well.


Heating the damaged muscle might assist the release of the tissue before an activity. Warming up an injured hamstring with a heat pack before stretching or exercising may benefit. For the most part, it's best to warm things up first and then cool them down.

Medical Treatments for Inflammation:

Pain relief: Ibuprofen, Aleve and other OTC anti-inflammatory drugs. The inflammatory reaction to the injury can also be calmed by taking these.


A hamstring injury seldom necessitates surgical intervention. When an injury occurs in the middle of the muscle, non-surgical treatment is usually always the best option. In some cases, surgery may be required to reattach a muscle to a bone that has been torn from its attachment.

Protocols for rehabilitation and treatment of hamstring injuries:

Acute phase (1 to 5 days)

Before hamstring strain, the RICE protocol was used to reduce further tissue damage and bleeding, quiet down the acute inflammatory reaction, regulate pain, and stabilise the RICE protocol. After a muscular injury, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) may be administered ( no sooner than 2-3 days). Retrograde massage can be started once the discomfort has subsided.

The onset of the acute phase is at this point: (Day 5 - 3weeks)

  • Increasing the range of motion ( 3- 4 times per day )
  • When it comes to a type of massage known as "Deep Tissue (Daily)
  • Stamina-building workouts ( Daily)
  • Pain-free submaximal isometric workouts are encouraged.
  • Stool, scoot, and seated hamstring curls can be used in an isometric fashion.
  • Cardiovascular fitness training (up to two sessions per day) should be given to athletes.
  • Developing trunk and pelvic neuromuscular control is the goal of these exercises.
  • Leg and pelvic muscle isometrics.
  • Balance exercises for one leg only.
  • Frontal plane stepping routines with short strides.


It's important to evaluate patients with more severe pain to see if they could benefit from more invasive therapies. Even if an X-ray shows that a bone has been torn away from the hamstring's attachment, surgery isn't always the only option.

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