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Jul 20, 2022


Posted by Dr Manu Bora in ACL Patient's Results

Frozen shoulder is a common problem that many people complain of. Frozen shoulder can be developed as a consequence of some injury or it may also develop on its own due to old age. The pain graph of frozen shoulder is such that there is intense pain initially which slowly subsides down leaving only a sensation of lock-ness in your shoulder. Frozen shoulder can be a very frustrating element as it restricts your movement altogether. The best way to treat frozen shoulder is to catch the problem at an early stage and work towards improving the condition. You can do so at home without any issue just by following a few exercises like- pendular, wall ladder, wall wash, ROM with the stick, sleepers stretch, Thera band, VWT exercises, and so on. The only thing with these exercises is that if you begin them at an earlier stage, you make me feel some amount of pain while doing them but then it is for a greater good. If you continue these exercises regularly you may not need to undergo surgery and injections at all and you can treat your frozen shoulder at home.

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