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Jul 20, 2022

Fastest Recovery After Anterior Cruciate Ligament {Acl} Surgery by Dr Manu Bora

Dr. Manu Bora is a sports injury specialist and has established himself as someone who guarantees ACL repair by means of the surgery he performs. There is an ever-increasing list of patients that Dr. Manu Bora has treated fully through Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery. It is a virtually painless process and under the able guidance of Dr. Manu Bora, most of his patients can feel the difference just 24 hours post their surgery. 

He guarantees the fastest recovery where it can be seen in one of the cases studies how the patient, who was unable to walk properly before the surgery could perform squats effortlessly just 1 and a half months post the ACL Surgery by Dr. Manu Bora.

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