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Jul 20, 2022

Exercise & Treatment | Dr. Manu Bora

Posted by Dr Manu Bora in Blogs & Videos

With increasing age, we experience a lot of bodily pains. The major pains include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, pain in the joints, ankles, and heels. Most people don't do anything about it and just resort to topical ointments for pain relief. Some of them incorporate exercises like walking in the day-to-day life thinking that it will make the situation better. But the truth is that simple exercises like walking or stretching do not prove to be very beneficial for these chronic pains. If you are noticing the signs of these pains from an early time they can be cured with some specific exercises. Dr. Manu Bora has had many such people who had chronic pains in the early stages as well as the later stages. Many such conditions have been cured even without the requirement of surgery. You just need to follow the exercise plan given by Dr. Manu Bora and you are sure to see drastic pain relief and a long-term in fact a lifelong impact on your problem.

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