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Jul 20, 2022


Posted by Dr Manu Bora

Knee pain after cycling : Injury Prevention Exercises

A lot of fitness-conscious people prefer cycling because it keeps you fit and active and is also a very fun activity. Though cycling really helps with keeping you fit, it may also cause certain injuries.

Some people think that the only way to get injured while cycling is if you fall while riding a cycle, but doctor Manu Bora disillusions us. 

If you are an athlete who is involved in professional cycling or you are a person who goes cycling on a very regular basis- you will know that cycling exerts a lot of strain on your knees and back. If someone does not do proper exercises to strengthen their knees and back, this strain can cause injuries for them. 

The following exercises are suggested by Dr. Manu Bora to prevent injuries in cyclists and increase their endurance, power, and stamina to help them compete at national and international levels

Supine leg cross

(2 times, 6-8 reps)

This exercise improves your hip and back flexibility

  • lie down straight on your back with your arms extended on either side of your body
  • raise one of your legs up to make it perpendicular to your body
  • twist your hips in the opposite direction of the leg to touch the foot on the floor
  • bring the leg back to the perpendicular position
  • keep it flat on the floor in the initial position
  • repeat with the other leg on the other side

The elephant

(2-3 times, 6-8 reps)

This exercise helps to improve hamstring flexibility

  • stand with your feet flat on the floor
  • keeping your feet flat, make an arch with your body in the forward direction and keep your palms flat on the floor
  • now slowly bring your hips and back down to form a plank-like position
  • use your hands to move forward when you Lower your back
  • touch your knees on the floor and stretch your neck and back upwards in the final snake-like pose
  • reverse the entire sequence of actions and then repeat

Hip Flexor Stretch

(3 times, 5-8 reps each)

This exercise helps to improve hip flexibility and pelvic control

  • Sit straight on your knees with your hands behind your head
  • Now extend one knee forward and lay the foot of the knee flat on the floor
  • Stretch the other leg- putting the weight on the bent knee and perform a lunge
  • maintain the constant pelvic and lower back position throughout your exercise
  • reverse the action and repeat on the other side

Isolated pelvic rotation

(2 times for 45 seconds)

  • stand bending forward with your hands taking the support of a chair or a table
  • keep your legs as straight as possible
  • keep your upper body stable while performing the exercise
  • now tilt your pelvis in the forward-backward direction

Pelvic rotation

(3 times for 30 seconds)

  • stand with your back leaning against the wall
  • keep your hands folded or crossed at the level of your chest
  • now slowly tilt your pelvis in the forward-backward direction
  • all this while, keep the middle portion of your back relaxed against the wall

Supine leg lowering

(2 times, 6-8 reps)

This exercise helps improve pelvic control

  • lay down on the floor on your back with a little support under your back
  • stretch out your arms over your head and hold a ball in them kept on the floor
  • now raise bend both your knees bringing them close to your body
  • stretch out one of the legs in the forward direction
  • reverse the movement and then stretch out the other leg

Single leg pelvic rotation

(2-3 times, 6-8 reps each)

  • stand bending forward with your hands taking the support of a chair or a table
  • place one end of a thera band under one foot
  • the other end should be hung to the other knee that is bent
  • stretch the thera band by flexing your knee and then twisting your waist towards the opposite side
  • repeat with the other leg

Single leg abduction

(2-3 times, 6-8 reps)

  • lean against the wall with your back
  • place your palms on the wall and keep your arms relaxed on the sides
  • put a thera band just above your toe going around both legs
  • raise a leg sideways on one side so as to stretch the thera band
  • repeat with the other leg

All these exercises will make your muscles stronger to ensure a pain-free body and injury-free sports for you!

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