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Jul 20, 2022

Cruciate ligament (ACL) injury: Proven method to get back into running & sports

I am an athlete but my athletic career was at stake when I injured my knee. I was struggling a lot carrying my MRI with two different doctors but they all said that screws will have to be used and I will never be able to run again the way I used to. I had almost lost my home when one of my friends brought out doctor Manu Bora's name. My friend was so sure about him being a qualified doctor that I put all my faith in him and showed him my MRI scan. He showed me that the surgery will be performed in such a way that there will be no screws used and my ACL ligament will be reconstructed internally with the help of fibers. I must say that Dr. Manu Bora is a man of his words. The locking feeling in my knee was no longer there just one day after the operation and within three months after the operation, I was completely healed and was living a normal life.


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