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Jul 20, 2022

Covid 19 Impact on Arthroscopic & Orthopaedic surgeries Patients

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

There is nothing out of the box to know that the Covid19 pandemic has bought all our lives to a standstill, and of course, the pandemic didn't start with any warning, and it has completely changed our lifestyles. Besides all other transformations, a significant shift was seen for patients who had to undergo arthroscopic surgeries as safety measures couldn't be neglected, and preventive measures were limited. The covid19 virus can be easily transmitted through aerosolized droplets, and surgical rooms or even operations tend to have this virus present. Currently, all these surgeries are done with a lot of precaution besides comphrensive care to keep the deadly virus under control. Ideally, Arthroscopic surgeries are just orthopedic surgeries done on arthroscopy patients.

Things to know about arthroscopy surgeries:

Ideally, arthroscopy is a surgical process under which doctors use an arthroscope to check and treat problems inside your joints. It is a minor process, but arthroscopic surgery tends to be an outpatient process, and the patient can be discharged immediately after the surgery. The doctors mainly use the option when patients seem to have some inflammation or other issues with their joints. The surgeon chooses to make a tiny inflammation in the joints during the surgery and inserts some small pencil-type instruments. The arthroscope features a lens that enlightens and also magnifies the interiors of joints. Through this process, the surgeon can quickly diagnose any issues inside the patients. 

A surgeon mainly does arthroscopy surgery to know more about the inner ligaments or cartilage under your kneecap. Thus, they can understand any issue which leads to inflammation or pain in your knee joint. The process helps surgeons learn about the problem and decide if any orthopedic surgery for the knee is vital or not. The process is done under the local anesthesia impact. Under this process, the surgeon can also treat some minor issues for you. The surgeons can quickly seal the cut using some special tapes.

The impact of covid-19 outbreak on Arthroscopy Patients:

When the first wave hit the country, several surgeries were postponed, and with the ever-increasing patients, the arthroscopy patients were restricted from visiting. But the joint pains tend to be unbearable at times, and there is no option but to go for surgery. Before resuming the surgery department, the hospital staff needs to align with all the safety factors. Several logistical issues came forth as the cases were raised. Almost all the clinics were shut due to nationwide lockdown. 

Above all, during the covid19 pandemic, the arthroscopy patients were significantly affected, and during the lockdown phase, most surgeries got delayed, and at times even partial treatment was offered. But today, the situation is a little better as medical facilities have opened their doors for these patients, and they are taking utmost precautions while treating them. Furthermore, all the patients are screened before surgery, and the hospitals keep a detailed record of the patients, so there is no stress ahead. 

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