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Jul 20, 2022

Common Orthopedic Injuries with Martial Arts - Orthosport

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

If you are a martial arts participant, you can easily experience various injuries because of extended training hours. For example, you can undergo injuries when dealing with broken bones or getting muscle strains in your hands and feet from your hard striking while sparring. If you fail to get treatment on time, these injuries lead to long-term damage and prevent your athletic participation. However, there are several things you can do to prevent or treat some orthopedic foot injuries. Common orthopedic foot injuries and martial arts you must know about are covered here.

Plantar Fasciitis:

It is all about inflammation of your band tissue supporting the bottom part of your foot. It tends to cause some pain if you are a martial arts student with walking or standing activity. As you practice martial arts barefoot, the bottom of your feet doesn't have any support. Jumping and pivoting can further damage your foot injuries. Some other martial art injuries during training sessions tend to lead to blunt or force trauma to your foot region. Stretching tends to prevent plantar fasciitis inflammation. After practicing martial arts, you need to ensure that you practice martial arts or wear orthopedic footwear when you are walking or running. Wrapping or tapping the feet with athletic tape can help you prevent foot injury while giving you support during the training hours. If you feel the pain still, you need to consult a doctor or an orthopedic expert.

Sever�s Disease:

It mainly includes inflammation of your growth plate at the heel's bottom, and the issue ideally affects small kids and teenagers as the growth plates turn to the bone when they become adults. You are likely to have orthopedic injuries if you perform excessive martial arts barefoot. Pain from breaking boards tends to create pain which is similar to breaking bones in adults. Young kids are likely to develop orthopedic injuries quickly because they aren't set completely physically, and they lack a complete balance. Heel cups are beneficial to minimize the pain and inflammation growth besides rest and ice. It might take few months of limited martial arts activities to achieve complete recovery. You need to rest for a week if you have heel pain. Experts also recommend physical training, but a consultation from a board-certified orthopedic can help you a lot.

No doubt martial arts is one of the best physical activities, leading to orthopedic foot injuries. You need to see a doctor or an orthopedic surgeon if you feel rest and ice are ineffective for your feet. This team of experts can recommend the best treatment plans for you. Additionally, in covid19 times, you can also avail video conferencing with your doctors. When you follow these exercises, you can quickly recover. Above all, you need to follow all the advice that your doctors give so that you don't face any potential injuries. Hence you need to perform martial arts with utmost care

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