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Jul 20, 2022

Bankart Repair Surgery in Delhi NCR - Dr Manu Bora

Dr Manu Bora is an expert in arthrosporic surgeries of knee, shoulder, ankle and sports medicine, and rectifying sports injuries. He is one of the very few surgeons in Delhi NCR who practices the All Inside ACL/PCL reconstruction with fibre tape internal bracing. Dr Manu Bora uses the latest technical facilities in diagnosing his patients and performing ACL surgery. His approach ensures instant recovery.

In the conventional technique of ACL repair, the recovery process is slow and painful. In almost all his cases, the patients have been able to walk absolutely pain free without support and bend the knee just a day after the surgery. With countless successful surgeries to his credit, Dr Bora has mastered Total and Partial knee Replacement, Total Hip and shoulder Replacement and cartilage transplant. He also has commendable expertise in knee multiple ligament and complex shoulder surgeries. He is also a recipient of various awards and honours for his excellence in the medical field, especially in orthopaedic and sports medicine.

Here is a story narrated by the patient himself. Let us see how was his experience with Dr Manu Bora:

�I am a media professional and a true-blue sportsman. Basketball, badminton, football, running marathons are not merely hobbies but the core of my lifestyle. Playing my favourite sports had been a regular practice until an injury in my shoulder happened.

My shoulder was dislocated while playing basketball. Instead of seeing a doctor I fixed it myself. I went for physiotherapy but was sceptical about surgery assuming that I won't be able to play after it. But I had unbearable pain and had to discontinue playing.

After 7 months when I resumed basketball I dislocated my shoulder again. That's when I realised that I need to get it fixed by an expert. I then visited Dr. Manu Bora for the same. I had come to know that Dr. Bora uses the latest technique that fixes the problem for once and for all. Actually my friend Akansha had got her ACL rectified by Dr. Bora. I was surprised to see her run a marathon just after 3 months of her surgery whereas my doctor, who had done my ACL surgery few years back, had said that I could run only after 10 months post-surgery. Hence, I was totally convinced that Dr. Bora is the one I needed to get treated by. And rightly so.

The way Dr. Bora demonstrated each and every detail of my injury and how he would correct it with surgery was so practical and assuring. I was absolutely impressed with his diagnosis. I found his explanation exceptionally satisfying. I went ahead with the surgery. Just 45 days after my Bankart Repair Surgery, I successfully finished a marathon! I couldn�t believe how quickly I had recovered and how pain free the entire experience was. Especially, with the constant support and guidance of Dr. Manu Bora, I never felt low.�

So you see, if you have been looking for the right surgeon for Bankart Repair Surgery in Delhi NCR- there is only one name that you should remember- Dr Manu Bora!

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