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Jul 20, 2022

Badminton : Injury Prevention Exercises by Dr Manu Bora

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

Badminton is one of the favorites sports played in most households. Whether you are an athlete aiming for international and national matches, or you are playing badminton at the level of your home and school- if you do not exercise properly and train your muscles correctly, you may face injuries while playing badminton. 

Because of constant front strokes with your hand, the anterior muscles me get more developed in the posterior muscles, and that imbalance may cause injuries. The swift movements required while playing badminton may cause you to land in a bad posture and cause the ligament tear of the ankle or knee.

Dr. Manu Bora has been boosting the performance of athletes and sports persons by suggesting them those exercises that increase their strength and resilience. Here, Dr. Manu Bora has given an entire list of exercises along with the correct way of performing them that will target all those muscles involved in badminton playing to give you more stamina, strength, and endurance

1- Side lunge

(3 times, 8-16 rep)

  • stand with your feet wide apart
  • bend one of your knees outwards on the side while stretching the other leg
  • raise your hands up to maintain balance
  • come back to the initial position
  • repeat on the other side

2- Y

(3 times, 8-16 reps)

  • stand straight with one foot a little in front of the other
  • place a thera band under the foot in front
  • hold both ends of the thera band in each hand
  • stretch the thera band so as to make a y with your hands and body
  • perform a few reps on the same side before switching to the other

3- pull the sword

(3 times, 6-8 reps)

  • stand with your feet flat on the ground- a shoulder distance apart
  • place the thera band under one of the foot
  • hold the other side of the thera band in the opposite hand
  • with all your power, pull the thera band in the upward and backward direction
  • keep the other hand relaxed on the side
  • reverse the motion and then do a few reps before switching to the other side

4- rotate and lift

(3 times, 8-16 reps)

  • for this exercise, you need someone to hold one end of the thera band for you
  • hold the thera band in one of your hands and get down on one knee
  • now pull and rotate the thera band pressing it in the upward direction
  • now maintain the position on the top for a couple of seconds
  • reverse the action and repeat the exercise a few times on the same side before changing to the other

5- medicine ball slams

(3 times, 8-16 reps)

  • stand with your feet a shoulder distance apart with a medicine ball in your hand
  • in a swift rotation, take the ball over your head and slam it on the floor with an explosive force

6- release and catch

(3 times, 8-16 reps)

  • stand straight with your feet slightly apart for balance
  • place your elbow and arm at an angle of 90 degrees with a small ball in your hand
  • release the grip on the ball slowly
  • as the ball starts to fall, catch it immediately
  • make sure that the ball is lightweight

7- star lunges

(2-3 rounds)

  • stand with your feet a little apart for balance
  • now extend one of your feet and place it flat on the floor in the forward direction
  • bend your knee, stretch the other leg and perform a lunge
  • now repeat this at an angle of 45 degrees from the body axis
  • and then at an angle of 90 degrees from the body axis
  • make sure to keep your knees in alignment with the toes while performing the lunges
  • repeat the same on the other side

8- changes in direction

(10 x 15 sec, 15-sec break between 2 sets)

  • jump from one spot to the other alternating between keeping the toes wide apart and keeping them close together
  • make sure to jump in all directions- forward, backward, sideways, and diagonally
  • focus on soft landings to exert the least amount of pressure on your knees
  • keep your knees in alignment with the toes while jumping and landing

9- glider

(3 times, 8-16 reps)

  • stand with your hands on your hips
  • keep one of the knees bent in front in a lunge-like position
  • keep a small piece of cloth or paper under the other feet to reduce traction
  • move that leg backward in a slow tempo
  • push the leg into the ground and then push the body forward

10- jump turn

(3 times, 6-8 reps)

  • stand on one foot with the other leg bent perpendicular to the body at the knee
  • jump in one place but turn a little every time you land
  • make sure to try and balance on one foot itself during the entire set and not rest it on the floor
  • keep your knee aligned with the toes to avoid injuries
  • All the above-mentioned exercises have been performed by Dr. Manu Bora on his Youtube channel
  • ortho sports so that you can watch and learn them correctly. they have been tried and tested to increase agility and decrease the risk of injury while playing badminton


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