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Jul 20, 2022


Posted by Dr Manu Bora

If your MRI has a partial tear of ACL, and if you end up ignoring it then, there the disadvantages which you can get are immense.

There are plenty of questions about partial tear of ACL, even though we don�t have so much problem while walking, but carrying on the regular activities such as running, bending etc. has become quite hard.

During the partial tear of ACL, it becomes weak and this leads to issues like pain in the knee, less confidence in the knee, not able to run properly. If you end up ignoring the already strained ACL, then over the years within 3-4 years it changes into a complete tear, due to which one might need a surgery at the earliest. Also, over the years, it might damage cartel ate (Spelling)

It is very important to get the partial ACL get treated, and for this you can contact Dr Manu now!

If you think that only surgery is one of the options which is available to get the partial ACL cured, then you are wrong. Dr. Manu Bora the ACL expert provides other methods as well.

Without surgery PRP Method:

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) Injections: PRP is your own platelet and your own growth factors. When these PRP injections are given to the knees, it directly heals the ACL, and makes it get better with time, just like before. Hence, in the future you will not have any knee problem, and will not require surgery at all. 

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