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Jul 20, 2022

ACL Treatment | ACL Surgery Dr Manu Bora - Back to Sports and Running is Just 3 Months

Posted by Dr Manu Bora in Blogs & Videos

Dr Manu Bora, an orthopaedic surgeon and a sports injury specialist, has been handling cases related to ACL tear for years! He has an excellent success rate with quick, painless, hassle-free and guaranteed recovery. One such patient had his ACL repair done by Dr Manu Bora through the all inside ACL reconstruction with fibre tape internal brace. The patient tells how he was able to walk properly just 24 hours post the surgery without any pain. He strictly followed all exercises and precautions as advised by Dr Manu Bora. He did regular visits and just one and a half months later, he was surprised to see that his operated knee was able to bend as freely as his unoperated one. Now as he speaks three months post the surgery, he says that he does not even feel that this surgery ever even took place. He is able to run, jump, climb stairs, perform all kinds of exercises and is back on the field.

If you are suffering from ACL tear and you want to get the right diagnosis and treatment, Dr Manu Bora can help you out. He even offers free consultation over WhatsApp where you can send him your MRI report on the number- +91 6366526576

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