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Jul 20, 2022


Posted by Dr Manu Bora

Dr. Manu Bora is a sports injury specialist and he has successfully treated a huge number of patients. One such patient whose story we are going to know today is a member of the Delhi police. He says that after his injury, he had lost all confidence as he had great difficulty in walking. Every time he walked, he felt like he would fall and virtually, had no control over his legs.

As the patient speaks, it has been 4 months and 10 days since his all-inside ACL reconstruction which fibre tape internal brace. The patient tells that he had started running only 28 days after his successful surgery. The patient showed doctor Manu Bora how easily and painlessly he could perform all the exercises as directed to him by the doctor- like squats, lunges, spot jogging, and even frog jump. He sat down bending his knees to show that his knees were easily movable and the movement was absolutely pain-free.

The patient compares how it was nearly impossible to even walk till doctor Manu Bora has not done the operation, but after the operation, everything is absolutely normal. He also mentions specifically that the operation was pain-free and that he never even had to take a painkiller post the operation.

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