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Jul 20, 2022

ACL Partial Tear Recovery

Posted by Dr Manu Bora

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear, is one of the two ligaments present in the knee joint. Together both ACL and PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) help in stabilizing of the knees. The ACL travels from the back side to knee joint�s front, and it also connected to Tibia and Femur.

ACL is known for playing an essential role in the sports and activities which require a change in direction. It is the ACL which holds Femur and Tibia together. In case if the knee receives stress, then the ACL can be torn or sprained. Without ACL, the tibia cannot easily move forward, which makes the knees unstable.

To confirm the degree of the ACL injury, then physical exams such as X-Ray, MRI are used. In case if the surgery is required, then with the help of sharp instruments, 2-3 opening or pores are made. The surgeons inject into the joints, for pushing the surfaces apart. This allows the structure in the join, to be able to breathe properly and easily.

1. Surgeon places the drill on the femur and locks it. The drill gets placed against the bone. The drill begins drilling via the femur from the outside of the joint, to the inside of the joint. The end of the drill pieces gets opened, and are drill inside the bone to create a hollow space. The drill stops when it meets the drill sleeved and gets removed.

2. An instrument is passed through the drill sleeve, and via the previous space which was created. The drilling and the instrument steps are repeated in the Tibia. The instruments are used for alternatively replacing the ligament. The instrument helps pulling the gap via the femur. Additional instruments are placed on the graft.

Get Back to Sports in 3 Months:

In this surgery, the ligament is made with the patients own hamstring�s tend ant. The ACL expert like Dr. Manu Bora takes one tend ant of the hamstring, and then put it as a ligament on the knees. This technique is known as all inside ACL reconstruction with fiber tape internal bracing.

This technique has many benefits such as:

  • 1. The patient can bend his knees 90 degree the next day
  • 2. Very less pain
  • 3. Easily without support can start walking the next day of surgery
  • 4. Jogging can be resumed post a month
  • 5. Exercises such as lunges or squats post 15-20 months can be resumed
  • 6. Back to sports and running post 3 days
  • 7. Very quick surgery, as with this technique, both the bons get very small holes. Only one tend ant is used for making the ligament. Moreover, when internal dressing is done with fiber tape, then quick exercises can be done.

One can consult Dr. Manu Bora for such ligament tear issues.

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