Shoulder Dislocation (BANKART Lesion)

Did you know most of the shoulder dislocation can be healed without surgery? And even if you need surgery you can get back into sports and running in just three months after this advanced should dislocaton surgery (Bankart Lesion) by Dr. Manu Bora

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Proven facts

  • Are you troubled by recurrent shoulder dislocation
  • Do you feel instability \ pain \ loss of confidence \ clicking in your shoulder?
  • Is your weight increasing because you are not able to do exercises because of recurrent shoulder dislocation?
  • Don’t even think about trying to get any treatment unless you have read these facts about shoulder dislocation or Bankart lesions.
  • Did you know most of the shoulder dislocation can be healed without surgery? And even if you need surgery you can get back into sports and running in just three months after this advanced Bankart surgery.
  • Do you feel instability \ pain \ loss of confidence \ clicking in your shoulder?

Here are the proven methods to get back into sports within 3 months after this advanced arthroscopic (keyhole) knotless Bankart repair.

We Have Solution for Your Problems

After seeing your MRI films & doing shoulder examination, Dr. Manu Bora will advise you on the best treatment according to your injury

Percutaneous Bankart Repair

Most of the shoulder dislocation can be healed without surgery. Our goal is to heal your shoulder without surgery. The percutaneous Bankart repair procedure is for individuals who had a single episode of shoulder dislocation. Orthobiologics treatments use your body’s own healing agents to regrow and repair damage to the labrum by concentrating and focusing them at the exact site of your injury. This approach allows for natural, efficacious healing without the need for surgery.

 Arthroscopic Knotless Bankart Repair

This arthroscopic (keyhole) minimally invasive surgery has revolutionized the way Bankart tear can be repaired. Patients benefit from minimal blood loss and postoperative pain, faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays, and less scarring. Dr. Manu Bora use biocomposite knotless suture anchor and suture tape which has a stronger and more stable construct in comparison to conventional fixation. It allows pain-free shoulder mobility from the next day of surgery. Patient regains a full shoulder range of motion after 3 weeks and gets back to sports after 3 months of surgery.

Arthroscopic Latarjet Procedure

If in MRI and CT scan bony Bankart is More then 25%, minimally invasive arthroscopic latarjet procedure is done using imported latarjet plates. If there is big Hill Sachs Lesion in the MRI  Remplissage procedure is done with the arthroscopic Bankart or Latarjet surgery.

Advantages of Knotless Suture Anchors & Suture Tape
  1. The biocomposit anchor converts into the bone after the surgery
  2. Suture tape is much more stronger then the suture wires in conventional anchors and chances of labrum cut-through is negligible with tape .
  3. The patient can start passive range of motion exercises from the day one of surgery
  4. Complete shoulder range of movement comes within 3 weeks after surgery.
  5. Back to sports after 3 months of surgery.
AC Joint Reconstruction using AC Tight Rope and Fibre Tape Internal-Brace

High impact injuries to the shoulder in accidents or sports often displace the collar bone Superiorly and posteriorly.  the conventional method of fixations generally addresses the superior migration but it has no effect on anterior/posterior instability which now can be Accurately reduced and corrected using the internal brace.   Immediate mobilization after the surgery and speedy recovery is now possible when shoulder ligament repairs or reconstructions are protected with an internal brace. An internal brace reduces the pain and improve the function quickly minimizing the discomfort caused by the surgery.

The internal brace is a highly recommended additional surgical step and it dramatically improves the mechanical strength, comfort, and function of the acromioclavicular joint {AC joint}.  it allows immediate mobilization and patients can quickly return to activity and sports.

Distal Biceps Repair

Distal biceps rupture is often seen in the bodybuilding and powerlifting  Sports.  Avulsion of the distal biceps tendon is near to The neurovascular structures of the elbow and open surgery increases the risk of nerve injury,  infection, and scarring resulting in elbow stiffness.   arthroscopic distal biceps repair is keyhole surgery and with the internal brace, fixation is very strong. This minimizes the complication rates and returns to sports and activity is very fast.

SLAP Lesion Knotless Suture Tape Repair

SLAP lesions occur generally in the throwing sports and patient complaints of pain and instability while throwing. In SLAP lesion fixation point of the biceps tendon and labrum is peeled off from the Glenoid margin. Early mobilization after surgery is very important for good surgical outcomes.  Dr. Manu Bora uses suture tapes and knotless biocomposite Anchors in arthroscopic SLAP repair which is much stronger than the conventional fixation techniques and allows the patient to mobilize the arm Immediately after the surgery and return to sports is within 3 months.

Get back into sports faster & stronger to win the game and get medals. 

What will happen if you don’t take any treatment for your shoulder dislocation?

If the shoulder has dislocated for the first time then Shoulder dislocation can become recurrent if you don’t take treatment.  For patient who has experienced dislocation multiple times with each dislocation episode damage to shoulder labrum, cartilage , humeral head, rotator cuff increases and eventually leads to arthritis of shoulder requiring shoulder replacement. If mri shows bony bankart greater then 25% bigger procedure { latarjet } is required, if MRI shows big hill Sachs lesion then remplissage procedure is done. These changes happen after multiple shoulder dislocation episodes resulting in bigger surgeries.

Ready to get back into sports faster & stronger?

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