Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Injury

PCL provides stability to the knee joint when it gets torn the joint becomes unstable this results in loss of confidence in knee, muscle wasting, fear to play sports or run.

Why PCL tear needs reconstruction?

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Instability damages the knee cartilage, meniscus and other ligaments resulting in very fast irreparable knee joint damage leading to knee arthritis.

1. PCL Avulsion Repair with Fibre Tape Internal Brace

Early attempts to do PCL repair was disappointing as the technology at that time was poor and the prolonged period of knee immobilization was required to protect the repaired PCL which often results in severe knee stiffness and poor results.

So, for the last 30 years, we are focused on removing the torn PCL and reconstructing it with hamstring tendons or other tissues Harvested from the other parts of the body. With biological advancement and increase understanding of the cellular function, we have identified the importance of mechanoreceptors Nerve cells in the posterior cruciate ligament. These receptors identify the stretch on PCL and REFLEXLY activate the hamstrings and quadriceps automatically to protects the posterior cruciate ligament from injury. Unfortunately during the PCL reconstruction, these mechanoreceptors are removed surgically and the reflex is lost and never recovers completely after the surgery, this increases the chances of PCL Re-injury and knee arthritis.

With the fibre tape internet brace, it is now possible to repair the torn PCL and the PCL repair is protected by the fibre tape internal brace during its healing period And the knee can be mobilized immediately after the surgery. the fibre tape internal brace is only 2 MM in thickness and it is very different from the synthetic ligaments, it does not replace the original PCL but protects it from the failure during its healing period preserving the original PCL tissue and mechanoreceptors resulting in a better outcome and return to sports and work is very quick. Patience and athletes feel more confident about their knee. Experienced Less pain, swelling, muscle wasting and witnessed improved outcomes. Chances of Re-injury and future arthritis is significantly reduced and they can resume sports within three months of the surgery. PCL repair with the internal brace is very different from PCL reconstruction as it is less traumatic for the knee joint, does not involve the harvesting of hamstring tendons and drilling large bone tunnels, it also allows the patient to recover quickly with a more confident knee.

Arthroscopic Minimally invasive PCL avulsion repair surgery is for PCL avulsion with a tibial footprint fracture. Our goal is to save your original PCL and not too reconstruct it. Tibial footprint avulsion with PCL is again fixed to the tibial plateau with the help of Fibre tape internal brace and tightrope RT. This advanced fracture fixation technique allows early mobilization and the athlete can get back into sports and run within three months of the surgery.

2. All Inside PCL Reconstruction With Fibre Tape Internal Brace

In the majority of cases, we need to reconstruct the PCL because of the PCL tear anatomy. The hamstring tendon is used to reconstruct the new PCL and a sleeve of original PCL is left covering the new tendon in the knee joint to preserve proprioception nerve endings. The hamstring tendon is fixed to the bones using different implants. Fixation with bio screws is one technique but medical research papers and clinical studies around the world have shown a 30% failure rate with the bio screw fixation and recovery journey is very painful and takes 8 to 9 months to get back into sports and running. Dr Manu Bora is an expert in All Inside PCL Reconstruction with Fibre Tape Internal Brace, in this technique, screws are not used and tendon is fixed to the bone using Tight Rope RTJ, Tight Rope loop & Conical Button { ARTHREX, USA } and an internal brace is made with fibre tape which prevents postoperative ligament laxity, loosening and graft failure resulting in painless and fast recovery with 99.2% success rate.

Advantage of PCL Fibre Tape Internal Brace over conventional bio screw fixation of PCL

  • Pin Size Holes in the Bones in fibre tape internal brace, instead of Bigger Hole when a screw is used
  • Only one hamstring tendon is harvested in fibre tape internal brace, instead of 2 tendons when the screw is used
  • Internal bracing with fibre tape allows painless walking without support & 90-degree knee bending just a day after PCL surgery
  • Fibre Tape provides support to the graft & prevents the postoperative graft stretching resulting in more stable & stronger joint
  • Resume squats & lunges in three weeks after PCL surgery
  • Jogging resumes after 45 days of PCL internal brace surgery, instead of 3 months when the screw is used
  • Back to running & sports in just 3 months after PCL internal brace surgery, instead of more than 6 months when a screw is used
  • Painless, Stronger & Faster Recovery

Get back into sports faster & stronger to win the game and get medals.

Ready to get back into sports faster & stronger?

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