Total Knee Replacement

When the joint cartilage is beyond repair, Dr Manu Bora offers highly accurate, navigation assisted, joint replacement surgeries with latest prosthesis and technology.

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A total knee replacement surgery is also known as knee Arthroplasty or even knee resurfacing because only the surface of the knee is replaced. The damaged region of the upper and lower bone is removed slightly. The removed cartilage and bones are replaced with metal implants that mimic the surface of the joints. The patella might also be resurfaced depending on the surgical necessity. Finally, a medical grade plastic spacer for smooth gliding is inserted between the metal components. This completes the process.

Post-operatively we make the pt stand and walk within 24 hours of surgery with a help of a walker. Post-operatively 5 days are dedicated for physio, so that by the time you are discharge you should be able to go to washroom and sit on a commode with the help of a walker independently, able to stair climb, and take care of most of your daily routine activities.

Partial Knee Replacement

In uni-compartmental knee replacement/ or partial knee replacement or unicondylar knee replacement, only one part of the knee surfaces is replaced in comparison to the other procedure, total knee replacement, where both inner and outer part of the damaged bones are replaced with metal implants. The damaged bone and cartilages might need a replacement for most of the cases, but in certain cases where the disease is limited to just one area of the knee, the total replacement might not be required.

Also, because partial knee replacement is done using a short incision, patients tend to spend lesser time and tend to return to normal activities sooner than in total knee replacement. This, decision, however, is case specific. There is a range of treatments for knee osteoarthritis and you must consult doctor for advice regarding considering a complete or partial knee replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement

The damaged femur bone head is replaced with a metal stem, whereas the metal or ceramic ball is placed on the upper part of the stem for mimicking the joint and finally, the damaged cartilage of the pelvic part is replaced with a metal socket. There is a metal, plastic or ceramic spacer allowed between the ceramic ball and socket to allow easy gliding and mimicking the space between the joints mentioned earlier. this causes complete pain free moment of the hip joints

Shoulder Replacement

There are several varieties of shoulder replacement – Surface replacement, Stemless replacement, Anatomic Total Shoulder replacement and Reverse shoulder replacement. Selection is made on the basis of severity of the shoulder arthritis, Rotator Cuff quality and the age of the patient.

Elbow Replacement

Total elbow replacement arthroplasty is indicated in cases of bone injury, ankylosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, and failed elbow joint replacement. In total elbow replacement surgery, scar tissue will be removed, elbow muscles will be balanced, and then the damaged elbow joint will be replaced with the new artificial joint. The artificial joint will be fixed to the inside of the humerus and to the inside of ulna. Hinge pins may be used to connect the limb with other bones and to give the joint stability.

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