Dr Manu Bora specializes in Wrist , Ankle, Elbow, Hip, AC joint, Hand, Foot & Minimal Invasive Surgeries with advanced techniques & easy to do exercises

Other Knee Conditions Treated

  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • Elbow
  • Hip
  • Hand
  • Foot

Wrist TFCC tear

TFCC tear is repaired using suture anchors , resulting in stable wrist joint after the wrist surgery .

Ankle ATFL and CFL sprain (recurrent ankle twisting / ankle sprain)

Recurrent ankle twisting is because of  ANTERIOR TALO FIBULAR LIGAMENT (ATLF) SPRAIN with or without  CALCANEO FIBULAR LIGAMENT (CFL) SPRAIN . In almost all of the cases MRI ankle shows Grade 2 or 3 sprain of the ATLF (MRI finding of ATLF tear is very rare). Dr Bora is an expert in ATLF and CFL repair using suture anchors and FIBRE TAPE INTERNAL BRACING for the very quick recovery, resulting in early back to sports and more stable ankle joint .

Tendo Achilles Tear

Depending  upon the anatomy and site of TA tear the surgical fixation technique is planned . Repair is done using Suture Anchor or Speed Bridge technique and FIBRE TAPE INTERNAL BRACING resulting in stronger TA repair construct.

Elbow instability

Elbow Ligament reconstruction and repair using bio composite suture anchors and swivel lock anchors.

Hip Impingement

Athletes generally complains of hip pain while playing when they have hip impingement syndrome (CAM or PINCER type ). Arthroscopic Hip Impingement surgery is done resulting in quick recovery.

Hand & Foot Fractures

Fixation of the small bone fracture using Bio Composite pins & K Wires


No tendon or soft tissue abrasion , bio composite material converts to bone over months

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